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"I remember a particular point in my life where I was paralyzed by
everyday decisions, such as what I wanted to wear or what my twitter avatar
should be. I wanted to be "good" or "cool" enough to fit the preferences of
the people around me. Mad stressful. It wasa huge weight, and no way a
young boss in the making to live. I stopped all that. There's a fine line
between wanting to make a good impression and becominga slave to the
opinions of others. Y'all dont like me? Cool. I'm true to myself. Life is

"I wish that Chick Fil A would be open every Sunday, and that I had never
been forced to play clarinet in band during high school. Unfortunately,
things like that are out of my control. I can't change them. I find solace
by waiting until Monday to purchase multiple spicy chicken sandwhiches, and
taking charge of the things that I can control in the meantime. My habits,
my thoughts, and my actions, for example. I can take action on a consistent
basis and change my whole life. The obstacles will always be there, but
they won;t matter in the end."

"My wifi is too slow. My dog peed on my computer, so I can't type anymore.
I could start that project, but I have plans to watch every single episode
of Bob's Burgers instead. These statements all have some degree of truth to
them. They're also cop-outs. Excuses. They're excellent for eliminating
guilt, but terrible for facililating the accomplishment of things that
matter, such as making progress and leveling up. Sometimes, we resort to
excuses. The most productive, successful people avoid leaning on them as
often as possible. Don't be afraid to hold yourself accountable. You have
barriers to break."

-"Keep It 100", Michell C. Clark


"Another work day moring has arrived. You still feel exhausted when your
alarm clock goes off. You blink a few times. Suddenly, another hour has
magically flown by and you're still in bed. You finally arrive at the
office- flustered, tired, and without a cell phone charger. What can you
even do at this point? Laugh. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your coworker
with the ashy elbows. Find a way to keep it moving, and recognize that the
day is still young. There's plenty of time to turn the day back around, but
that's up to you. Go propser."

"You ever tired of feeling like you know exactly how your day will go
before it even starts? Sometimes a daily routine can start to feel like a
trap. We get so comfortable with our habits that we let them steal our
sense of adventure. Before you know it, you're falling alseep at work, and
probably being made into a meme. Circumstances can be limiting, but we
can't let them become definite. MAybe you want to change your whole life.
MAybe you just want to switch up a few small things. Either way, it's time
to get started. Now."

"Do you know how many times I've wanted to put a crying Jordan face on a
picture of Jesus? Why would God allow me to go throguh some of the
difficulties that I've faced? I ask this question often. Anger. COnfusion.
Disappointment. These emotions are prevalent during life's darkest moments.
We don't have the capacity to understand why our lives turn out the way
they do. We dont need to. We don;t have to understand why everythign in
life happens the way it does if we truly trust that God is working
eberything out for the greater good."

- "Keep It 100"  Michell C. Clark


"Every single, amazing accomplishment started of a dream in someone's head,
without any real life manifestation. Pioneers aren't given a clear road nap
with all of the keys to success. If you have exceptional goals, they'll
seem strange, difficult, or inconceivable to most people. Most people don't
have the mentality necessary to achieve them; it just means you have to
remain steadfast. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to
accompish your goals, just like the Toon Squad believed in Michael Jordan's
ability to help them defeat the Monstars."

"A big part of our culture is obsessed with achievements, status, wealth,
and progression. We're overexposed to news in regards tot the iincredibly
wealthy and famous, to the point that it can make us feel inadequate if
we're notcareful to keep things in perspective. many of us seek to
constantly be productive, but what we forget is that it's important to feel
peace and happiness in the present. There will always be improvements to be
made. Find time to kick back and relax a bit, even if your to-do list is
out of contol and your hairline ain't crispy."

"No matter how throughly I plan for tomorroe, I still don't know what will
happen. I know which three songs I'll hear on the radio all day, but that's
it. What matters is that I understand that my lack of ability to predict
the details of my day doesn;t correlate with the lack of ability to
determine my direction over time. The speed bumps will come. So will the
opportunites. Remain level headed as the cycle continues to repaet itself.
Interpret evry day you spend on this Earth as a blessing, and it becomes
easier to roll with the punches."

- "Keep It 100"  Michell C. Clark

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