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As I walk through the valley plagued by the shadows of doubt, my
remorseful self stares at the looking glass projecting my regrets.
What lies in wait behind the light, where the obscurity of my past
blurs my conscientious present, and my future becomes unclear? My
soul trembles, clamoring for answers to questions I should never ask.
Wretched, twisted, accursed; yet blessed to be alive, a mindful stupor
presents a dream...

But a dream is nothing more than a presence of mind, wishful thinking.
Can I make the dream a reality? Can my actions reflect what my spirit
desires? As hard as I try, the illusion of life blocks presumptions held,
and my limitations manifest themselves oh so clearly. As it was murmured
before, Hell is Other People, and hell is where ambitions cease to exist.
Yet, if by hellfire I will be tried, then by Hell, other people will die.
Extinction is reserved for the feeble, for appeasing fools not willing
to fight for what is dearest to the self...

"This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the
night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." Other People,
false and untrue, Hell descends upon thee as your fealty vacillates.
As any other man, true as though I may be, I am not beyond the redemption
of the blazing inferno set off by the evil den called society. I am part
of you, and you a part of me, society. I will then agree to one thing...
Let me be at peace, allow me my own modest and private heaven, and in
return I will cherish and nourish you with the strenght of my heart, mind
and soul. Other People may be Hell, and I may be Hell to others, but to
my Lord that governs existence, I swear, I desire neither your Hell, nor
mine. Only Heaven is my ambition, and if my dream ceases to exist because
of a frivolous trial by fire, then damnation awaits those who seek to
extinguish my spirit.


Indolence, you monster. I cannot understand you. Why are you here?
Why was I not in control? I care not for you, yet your presence is
ever-present. What is this impulse that drives men into ineptitude?
You truly are the bane that sickens the soul. Thanatos birthed you
as an agent for the destruction of those caught unaware. I do not just
renounce you, indolence, I despise you. Here, and now, I declare total
war upon you. I will regain control over my body, so that I may fight you
with everything at my disposal...

My inaction will be no more. My stagnation will no longer be your conduit.
I will be inexorable, as your insolent chains break by the strength of
my willpower, indolence. You will never trespass upon my time. Not only
are you unwelcomed, I will shoot to kill as you step upon my grounds.
Enmity is the only sentiment that you will stir inside of me. Your
puppeteer strings have been severed, indolence...

My display against you will be eternal. Succumb to my power of diligence.
Do not question my discipline, as my Lord commands me to destroy you. You
shall be exterminated, as I remove you from my body and from my thoughts.
Indolence, you have met your end. Do not say your prayers, as they will
be answered by the void. You led to nothing, indolence, and nothing you
have become.


What is the essence of Effort?
Maybe it is answered in terms of how many calories
are available from food consumed.
The body could not exert more effort than whatever
amount of calories are available to it, could it?
From the perspective of a physicist, I believe
'effort' is a measurement of work, or energy.
But maybe a physicist does not take into account
a human's ability to bend reality around them...

Under the pretense that effort is measured in the
form of how many calories a certain action takes,
then those that over-eat should be the most
diligent. But the body takes on many different forms,
and some are less efficient than others at the
application of effort. An athlete is certain to apply
more effort than an obese individual at any given
physical task, provided they have the same amount
of calories at their disposal.

What about mental effort? That one seems harder to
quantify. I do not think calories spent would be
accurate at measuring mental effort. Conscious effort
is very subjective. Synaptic pathways of each
individual would determine how much effort has been
applied to certain tasks. Which means, those
that have learned how to perform a task will apply
less effort. Hence why I seek education. I want to
perform seemingly complicated tasks with less effort
exerted. Education, therefore, is the key to having
an easier life :)

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