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Anger is a scary thing.
However, anger can be a tool of success and progress.
Therefore, I am always angry.

I'm just kidding. I'm not an angry person.
I actually just got this from a movie I saw the other day.
I'm pretty sure it was the first Avengers movie.

You know, the first Avengers movie wasnt really all that great.
To be perfectly honest, the newer ones definitely outshine the first.
This is just my opinion, though.


You fit into me.
Like a hook into an eye.
A fish hook, an open eye.

This poem doesn't sound very appealing.
Then again, I'm not a very artistic person.
So, the meaning is really lost one me.

I read what the poem actually means from an English website.
Apparently, its about abusive relationships and the pain they bring.
I guess the poem is pretty clever now that I know that.


Sometimes theres a homeless guy outside my house in the alleyway.
He tried setting my trashcan on fire.
I think he knows that I know it was him, since he avoids me.
I probably should have called the cops on him, but it's whatever.

There's another homeless guy who I walk past every day.
I'm pretty sure he isn't homeless, which is really scummy.
He tried to rob a guy once and I had to chase after him.
I think he's scared of me because he doesn't ask me for money.

You know, I think I have a stigma against fake homeless people.
I guess that is just the New Yorker in me.
I can tell whether or not someone is actually homeless.
It's really annoying when I see someone pretending to be homeless.

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