File1, 2, & 3 for anair:



Hello. My name is Amritha Nair. This is File 1 of my project.
It is Thursday afternoon, and quite cold outside. There will be real
information here later on, this is to fill the file with some


Hello, this is file 2. File 2 is a really good file. Thanksgiving
break was great, but now it's that stressful time between fall and
winter break. BUT we're almost there so it's okay...i guess:)


Now here we have file 3! This is also a pretty decent file.
I'm really just typing at this point, because I'm not sure what
else to say. This made me realize writing random things is harder
than knowing what to write.

No lines are longer than 80 characters, TYVM. Other specified properties aren't being scored automatically at this time so this is not necessarily good news...