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And I know she'll be the death of me, at least we'll both be numb
And she'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come
But atleast we'll both be beautiful and stay forever young
This I know, yeah, this I know

She told me, don't worry about it
She told me, don't worry no more
We both know we can't go without it
She told me you'll never be in love

I can't feel my face when im with you
But I love it, but I love it
I can't feel my face when im with you
But I love it, but I love it


I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, P1 cleaner than your church shoes
Milli point two just to hurt you, All red Lamb' just to tease you
None of these toys on lease too, Made your whole year in a week too
Main bih out your league too, Side bih out of your league too

House so empty need a centerpiece, twenty racks a table cut from ebony
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces, then she clean it with her face
You talking money need a hearing aid, you talking bout me I dont see shade
Switch up my style I take any lane, I switch my cup I kill any pain

Look what you've done
Im a starboy


Your man on the road, he doin' promo
You said keep our business on the "low-low"
Im just tryna get you out the friendzone
Cause you look even better than the photos
I cant find your house, send me the info
Drivin through the gated residential
Found out I was coming, send your friends home
Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

I only call you when its half past five
The only time i'll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I'm f'd up that's the real me
When I'm f'd up that's the real me


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