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Hello, my name is Amaad Ilyas. I am an IS Student here at VCU, and I am
close to graduating. I hope to work at Kinsale Insurance after graduating.
I am currently interning as a Data Analyst, mainly making SQL queries.
I hope to learn a lot in this course, it is a tough one but I'll be OK.


How big or small can the numbers be in a PC? It depends on the size of
the word, or number of bits the CPU can load at one time. And it depends
on whether the number is an integer or a floating point number
represented with binary logarithm. A 16-bit CPU can reference an integer
of 64k, or 0 through 65,535. A 32-bit CPU can reference 4 giga, or
0 through 4,294,967,295.


I've learned that nano is easier to use than vim, and that it is a good
choice for newer users. However, this class is about learning things in a
righteous way, so I will do my best to work with vim. I appreciate the
style and work ethic of all the students in this class, our TA Pranav,
and especially our Professor. I will do my best to work to this level of
performance and productivity.

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