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Part 2, Why LeBron is the Best to do it:

LeBron's efficiency and dominance cannot be swept under the rug.
His "bully ball" style on offense proves to be unstoppable, and he has
continued to be a force to be reckoned with on defense; just ask
Andre Iquodala and Terry Rozier, who have been on the receiving end of his
trademark chase-down blocks. LeBron's ability to not only play but
dominate all five positions is reminiscent of the great Magic Johnson.
The case can be made that even though Jordan averaged more points than
LeBron, LeBron was a more efficient scorer in that he averaged only 2.9
fewer points on 3.3 fewer shot attempts. That is 6 to 9 points that LeBron
relinquishes by not taking those shots.


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