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my biggest takeaway from social distancing is that there were too many
chairs in the waiting rooms to begin with... Bezos was not lying when he
said these gucci wallets are too loose...

Manchester City's announcement of Lionel Messi has to bring Oasis back
together. Can you imagine it? All three of them belting out Wonderwall!

happy september 1st... *september by earch, wind, & fire intensifies*


my hobbies include $300 impluse purchases and extensively
researching $10 purchases

Giannis Antetokounmpo.. (yes i typed that with my eyes closed) is the
most overrated player in the NBA.. he is all about transistion and
mismatch.. imagine being DPOY and not guarding the best player on the
opposing team.. not my DPOY

Heat in 5


if you get bitten by a shark, bite it back
you will still probably die but the shark will be like "lol what"

people in school keep telling me, always in the barber shop "chief keef"
ain't bout this, chief keef ain't about that" my boy a bd on Lamron and
them he, he they say that man don't be puttin in no work.. please
stop running your mouth.. all yall don't know anything.. talkin bout
chief keef aint no hitta cheif keef aint this chief keef a fake
stop talkin!!!!

.. moonwalking in the calabasas

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