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The Power of Social Media

With millions of apps, websites and other platforms for people to
communicate through the Internet today, this is trely the age for social
media. The truth is, social media - when used strategically - is one of
the most powerful tools in the world. The impact does not stop online.
The power of it will create word of mouth advocacy. The phenomenon,
which has only boomed over the last decade or so, has revolutionized
several aspects of society at its very core. Whether it be business,
politics, education, healthcare, its impact has seeped deeply into the
fabric of our society. As we become more dependent on digital platforms,
communication will inevitably be more instantaneous.


How Social Media makes Money

One way social networking sites manage to raise capital is through
investments from venture capitalists. These investors provide money to
firms that showcase high growth potential in exchange for equity stake.
As in the case with any investment, there are never any guarantees, but
as long as we are in the digital era, the trend among investors continues
to grow. Upon investment, the social media group has to look for
strategies to expand with the given resources. Eventually, most social
networking sites have one of two outcomes: Discover a revenue stream
or convince a larger entity to buy the site.

The most common way for Web sites to generate revenue is to allow
companies to advertise on the site. Marketing is one of the most powerful
tools in the business sector. Once a Web site establishes its platform,
it creates leverage. This allows the site to put its foot in the ground
and control the type of advertisments shown on the site. At the end
of the day you want your site to fit your audience accoridngly. It is
helpful to keep in mind, blocking too many categories of advertisements
can decrease revenue and CPM. When signing up to different ad networks,
it is important to select the suitable ad categories for more effiency.


The Future of Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving. In the current climate of social
media, it is more important than ever for brands to discover and implement
methods of building consumer trust. The future of social media relies on
the ability for to make social media and safe environment for all. Users
should be inclined to join the social media world. As communication
becomes more instantaneous, privacy concerns become more significant. In
the next few years, consumers will be exposed to more and more practical
applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Businesses will
focus more on the experiance exhibited. The coexistence of fake news seems
to be inevitable and inescapable, but by virtue of stricter regulations,
critical and truthful journalism will prevail. Government involvement
will be deemed neccesary over time in order to regulate traffic.

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