File1, 2, & 3 for aguo:



This is my first paragraph. I can't believe this class is almost over.
We just have two more class left. I'm so hungry. Hopefully

this is enough sentences for a paragrah. I'm back since my paragraphs
went over the 75 characters limit.


This is my second paragraph. I need to read what DMA is. Professor
just mentioned it. I'm braindead from the LAN project that was due today.
I'll add one more sentence to end this parapraph.


This is the third paragraph. I'm just typing gibberish.
I'm glad this is the last paragraph. I'm still hungry.
I don't know what else I should type. This should be my last
sentence. I keep getting over the 75 characters limit.

No lines are longer than 80 characters, TYVM. Other specified properties aren't being scored automatically at this time so this is not necessarily good news...