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Dr. Locke A. Taylor founded his practice in 1969 with a staff of four.
Since then, Locke A. Taylor Veterinary Hospital has grown into a
full-service Northside Richmond veterinary hospital serving cats,
dogs, birds, reptiles, pocket pets and small farm animals in
Richmond, Virginia and the greater Richmond area. Over the years the
practice has flourished and continues to grow.


With its small footprint, you might not expect the Woodman Road
location to provide a comprehensive set of animal medicine
and surgery services, but they absolutely do. This location
is packed with examination rooms, surgical facilities,
and a full pharmacy.


When it comes to the daily operations of Locke A. Taylor
Veterinary Hospital there are many inputs and outputs. Part of
the business inputs are customers, pets, customer data/orders,
demand and pricing information, and shipments of products from
suppliers (medicine, food, equipment). The outputs that the
business produces are customer invoices, supply orders, as well
as taxes and fees.

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