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"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!"

She sat across the desk from me, squirming.
It was stifling, My suite runs hot
but most days it is bearable.

This student has turned in nothing,
rarely comes to class. When she does,
her eyes bore into me with a disdain
born long before either of us.

She doesn't trust anything I say.
She can't respect my station,
the words come out of these lips,
this face. My breathing
is an affront. It's me, she says.

I never was this student's professor-
her immediate reaction
seeing me at the smart board.
But I have a calling to complete
& she has to finish college,
return to a town where
she doesn't have to look at,
listen to or respect anyone
like me-forever tall, large
& brown in her dagger eyes,
though it's clear she looks down
on me. She can return-if not to her hometown, another
enclave, so many others, where
she can brush a dog's golden coat,
be vegan & call herself
a good person.


My name is Alexandria Demery. I am a junior here at
Virginia Commonwealth University. I am pursuing a Bachelor's
degree in Infomation Systems. I planned to graduate by May
2019. I transferred from J. Sargeant Reynolds. I pursued my
Associates degree in Business Administration. The things I
want to do with my education is to fine a job in the IT field.
So far Information Systems is the best major for me. Even
though this major can be challenging at times. But I know I
can get through it and make it successful for me in the future.
I love working with computers.

I have two older brothers and one of them is my twin.
So that makes me the baby of the family. My twin name is Alex.
I know what you are thinking..... "OMG, that is so cool your
name is Alexandria and his name is Alex. That's so cool!!!!"
Yes, it is cool in fact. At school I go by either Alex or
Alexandria either way works with me. But at home I go by my
middle name.

My hobbies are wathcing Netflix, hanging out with friends,
and going to the movies. On my spare time whren I am not studying
or doing homework, I am trying to catch up on Netflix shows and
movies. I love watching new shows. I pretty much would watch
anything that looks interesting. Also, I love hanging out with
friends. It is an enjoy going out and laugh and joke around with
my friends. I also love making new friends. Meeting new people is
always interesting.


The Benefits Of Exercise

All my life I've been extra large, plus
I'm known as a very large fellow.
I would easily pass as a school district bus
If somebody painted me yellow.

"No secret to losing weight," I've been told.
"Just cut the fat from your diet."
"Get up and about even if it's cold."
Once again, I decided to try it.

But jogging was something senseless to me,
And riding a bike seemed insane.
Joining a gym involved a large fee,
And lifting weights was a pain.

So for exercise I choose horseback riding.
It's fun and easier than it sounds.
It's a very effective form of dieting
'Cause my horse lost forty pounds.

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