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My name is Alexis Daniels and I am an Information Sytems major here
at VCU School of Business. I did not think I would be able to come here
but now I am here and it has been a great experience so far.
I have learned so many things and have interacted with so many new people.

I grew up in Norfolk, VA but then later moved to Chesapeake, VA.
The middle school I attended was Hugo Owens Middle School.
I played basketball and track. On the basketball team my team
was able to play in the championship for our district and we won
the championship and that was a great experience as well.
The highschool that I attended was Deep Creek High School.

I play basketball there as well and my first year being there I was
able to join the Varisty Basketball team which was pretty cool.
Every since then I have been playing basketball and I probably
won't stop because I love it so much.Unforunately, I was not able to
get a scholarship to play basketaball at a university, but my grades
made up for it. That goes to show having good grades goes a long way.


I didn't know much about Information Sytems before I came to VCU.
It was very hard at first trying to make new friends and explore
different places, but after joining the VCU Women's Basketball team
I actually made more friends than I could expect.
Some of the classes I had in the beginning we easy, but when I actually
declared for my major, it became more harder. They say that you Junior
year is your most hardest year and I am definitely feeling this
effect right now.

I have never pulled an all-nighter in my life and
I did that and I promised myself that I would never do that again.
Some people work hard in college and some people ust basically waste
time and money. I am the total opposite. I am paying to be here and get
and education and I do not want any of this to go to waste. This is my
opportunity to make my family proud. Show them that they raised me right
and I want to be able to provide and be there for my family like they
are there for me.

So going here, to Virginia Commonwealth University, I feel like that
is going to give me the opportunity that I need to be successful in
life and in my career. Some people do not take advantage of the
opportunity, but I will not let this go to waste.
My parents have spent too much money for me to be here and I want to
make them proud and also my grandparents as well.


Some of my other hobbies that I like to do is watch movies, sleep,
sing, and spend time with family and some friends. I can not wait
until my birthday and Christmas. I feel like that is the best time of the
year. Maybe I like it so much because I am a December baby. Some
of my favorite singers are, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Monica, etc.

I love listening to music. It can be a real stress reliever for you.
Just listening to the words itself. I love to sleep also. I feel like
everyone should sleep or at least have 1 nap a day, if it is possibele.
Some people can not do that just because of the type of job that they have
, but if you can get just 1 in, I am pretty sure that it will change
your life completely and for the better. My mom thinks I sleep to much,
but if she only knew how hard the semester has been for me, she would be
sleeping for me too.

Sometimes to relieve stress, I go to the gym and play basketaball. Some
of the guys think I can't play with them, but as soon as I start making
my shots and everything, then they realize that I can actually play.
Which is extremely funny. Something else I might do is clean my
apartment. Sometimes just cleaning is a stress reliever itself.

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