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Hello, my name is Aneil Chhabra. I am currently a junior and I am majoring
in Information Systems at Virginia Commenwealth Univeristy in Richmond,VA.
I'm originally from Fairfax Station,VA. I attended South County High
School in Lorton,VA. I like to play and watch sports a lot with my
favorite sport being basketball since I have played it since I was five
years old. My strengths in school have always been with numbers.


Some of my favorite athletes are: Damian Lillard, Lonzo Ball, Cristiano
Ronaldo, Derrick Rose, Christian Pulisic, among many more. Some of my
other interests outside of sports are technology, fashion, and food.
In my free time I usually am found at the gym, either lifting or playing
basketbal, or going to new cool food places in the city with my friends.


In the NBA(National Basketball Association) the favorites to win the
NBA championship this year are the: Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Denver
Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Boston
Celtics. Out of all those teams I would like to see the Los Angeles
Clippers to win because I like their team a lot including Paul George who
is on their team now since he was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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