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My name is Andrue Bilbo, I am currently a junior here at Virginia Commonw-
ealth University and pursuing in the major field of Information Systems. A
interesting fact about me is that I wasn't born in the United States but
born in South Korea on a military base. I also went to school on that base
where I learned how to speak English more fluently but also focusing on my
Korean as I did not want to forget that. I first moved to the United Stat-


Let's start talking about my hobbies. The things that I like to do is play
video games, like to go outside and take pictures of nature or the
experience, love eating out.. ESPECIALLY HAMBURGERS.., and most of all
just the good vibes you can get from any event. It would be cool if anyone
likes the same thing that I like to do you should hit my phone whenever
you have the chance and we can do whatever that's listed there but togeth-


Alright y'all the last thing that I want to talk about before this dis-
cussion is over is about the new Disney+ that came out recently. What do
you guys think about it? I feel greatly betrayed by that application
because I can't seem to find a tab on there for my previouly watched shows
and always have to manually find what I'm looking for. Let's all start a
petition to change this and have them add this onto their dang app. >:(

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