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A common dilemma in the tech community is battery life. Whether it is
tablet, or computer, battery life remains an issue. Therefore, sever
battery banks. However, Apple has yet to create an official battery.
built to charge Apple products. The risk of using 3rd party devices
is extremely high and not worth the cost.
bricking the product, or overcharging. With an increase in MacBook
User, this would be a great upscale on top of laptops

Wireless Carriers however are service providers. They allow us
to communicate with one another through function devices.
Because of MVNO, otherwise known as the mobile virtual
network operator. Considering these carriers use similar network
network towers, much of the speeds are shared. Which brings
up another issue. Speed.

While battery life is a leading issue, speed is a follw up.
Battery life is able to be regenerated with a charger, however
speed requires more effort. Whether its the device or the
carrier and network that are causing the issue, then
work is needed to be done. In some cases slow tech
is worse than no tech at all.


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Popular Cellular carries include the basic such as Tmobile, AT&T
and Sprint. In most cases, each carrier provides promotions to
attract customers and business consumers. Carriers are
highly fond of business customers because of the potential
for gaining a large amount of consumers from the company.
Very popular phones at the moment include the iPhone and
Samsung Devices. It is important that a company has
high performing devices that can handle intensive work.

Devices that are not capable of such cause more
of an issue than helping. As mentioned earlier, slow devices
are worse than no technology. Continuing about popular devices,
both Apple and Samsung have continued to lead the competition,
but the designs have remained the same for the past couple years.
With only small adjustments to a few areas.

But, it is important to acknowledge these devices are more than
just cellphones. They are computers sized at the palm of ones
hand. These devices are an extremely powerful tool that
allow us to work at the benefit of our hands. The process behind
development is astounding. But we want a new design Apple and


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Pricing for cellular carries varies based on competitor price,
expenses, and cost of devices. In most cases, carries provide
special pricing for new customers and referals. Therfore,
it is important to stay up to date on current prices
to strike the best bank for your bunk. For example, Black Friday
is close by and will be a great time for purchasing new
devices from common carriers. Besides great devices, carriers
also provide great network connection and hotspot services.
Therefore, you can use your phone as a Wireless Access Point

Its important to realize that using your phone as a WAP
is costly depending on your mnobile plan. Also to your device
as well. Its common for the device to heat up as it acts
as a router for several or one device. While the devices
are capable of acting as a hotspot, use it properly.
Attempt not to use several applications, more so intensive

This will allow the device to stay cooler and work
more efficiently. Therefore, in the long run, your device
will last longer. More importantly function more properly.
Connection speeds will be faster.In conclusion, using the device
as a hotspot is perfectly fine, but use it properly and
efficiently.We all need our devices as they allow us
to remain connected to our family, friends, and work.
More so to the world than anything.

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